The city of Dallas doesn’t just have an amazing night life, but an interesting outdoors as well. With mountain biking in cedar creek and the lovely homes in near the lake. There is tons of outdoor activities. Owner Ryan of Top Box web marketing likes to ride his mountain bike out on cedar creek from time to time. He also enjoys running white rock lake in his spare time. “Analyzing search engine rankings is not my only hobby” says Ryan. Sometimes you have to go outside and enjoy nature. Disconnect from all the technology that’s among us is not only good for me but healthy.

I try to make rule for all my co-workers at top box internet marketing to go outside at least 20-30 minutes per day to get some fresh air and exercise. This type of action is good for company morale and helps productivity in the long run.

After spending long hour days doing seo with clients. I like to take a break and enjoy life. Whether running outside or playing tennis in cole park in Dallas. Sometimes you just have to get away from everything. A few buddies of mine joined a Rugby league, something that may be of interest down the road, but not at the moment says Ryan jokingly. You can find more information about his company Top Box SEO Marketing at the link.