Chase Hopper enjoys recreational activities such as floating the river on tubes enjoying the weather; playing any type of sport with friends or a competitive game; and now since recently being blessed with a daughter, he loves spending his time playing with her.

He grew up going on family trips to New Braunfels, floating the refreshingly cold Comel River and enjoying the beaming warm sun. As he got older he went to Garner State Park and floated the Frio River every summer with friends. He later attended Texas State University, at the time called Southwest, which had a river called the Guadeloupe, he floated every weekend!

Since Chase was able to play sports he has been in almost every sport available to play where he lived. Starting with golf at age six. He later got into soccer and baseball in elementary. Then basketball, track and tennis all the way up to the high school level. Whether it is with friends or competitive game, Chase is ready for the challenge!  Sport is his recreational activity of choice.

Early last year, in late October 2014 he was blessed with a little baby girl! Now that she is a little older, his favorite recreational activity now days is walking her around the neighborhood. As well as playing with her on the ground or putting her in the air like superwoman! With work and his new addition to the family, The newly found father does not have much time for recreational sports. His love for sports though has lead him to buy into the SPORT CLIPS houston franchise, which is all about Sports! It is a perfect fit for him and his love for sports. His goal one day is to make it where he can have more time for recreational activities such as floating down the river. He wishes to take his daughter there quite often, so she can have the same type of memories as his childhood.

If you want to find out more about his work with Sport Clips and locations “Come visit the website and find a Sport Clips near me“. I’ll be glad to help says Chase.