The ever expanding rise of business’s in Texas has emerged over the last five years, growth in the tech industry in Austin, more oil and gas companies in the greater Houston Area. For the city of Dallas more growth with companies from across the nation moving their corporate locations to the area.

Heading into the end of the first quarter, Texas added more jobs in 2014 than any other state. With oil prices falling below seventy dollars a barrel. Economist expect Texas, the nations largest oil producer will see slow progress in the energy job sector for the year of 2015. Other industries including business’s services, transportation and utilities adding over 80 thousand jobs each.

Job growth in the Houston area expected to fall in the year of 2015 but will still finish on a positive note.

Although, with oil prices falling. Austin the central hub for the tech industry is seeing a dramatic increase in the housing market, this is due to more employable movers across the country moving the capital looking to buy houses as opposed to renting.

Dallas recently began expanding commercial and residential properties expansion throughout Downtown and as far as all the north up to Frisco.

Falling oil prices will worry savy investors but should not curtail the Texas economy for year of 2015.