Web Analytics Not His Only Hobby

The city of Dallas doesn’t just have an amazing night life, but an interesting outdoors as well. With mountain biking in cedar creek and the lovely homes in near the lake. There is tons of outdoor activities. Owner Ryan of Top Box web marketing likes to ride his mountain bike out on cedar creek from time to time. He also enjoys running white rock lake in his spare time. “Analyzing search engine rankings is not my only hobby” says Ryan. Sometimes you have to go outside and enjoy nature. Disconnect from all the technology that’s among us is not only good for me but healthy.

I try to make rule for all my co-workers at top box internet marketing to go outside at least 20-30 minutes per day to get some fresh air and exercise. This type of action is good for company morale and helps productivity in the long run.

After spending long hour days doing seo with clients. I like to take a break and enjoy life. Whether running outside or playing tennis in cole park in Dallas. Sometimes you just have to get away from everything. A few buddies of mine joined a Rugby league, something that may be of interest down the road, but not at the moment says Ryan jokingly. You can find more information about his company Top Box SEO Marketing at the link.

Owner Of Hopper Ventures Finds Joy In Activities With Baby Daughter

Chase Hopper enjoys recreational activities such as floating the river on tubes enjoying the weather; playing any type of sport with friends or a competitive game; and now since recently being blessed with a daughter, he loves spending his time playing with her.

He grew up going on family trips to New Braunfels, floating the refreshingly cold Comel River and enjoying the beaming warm sun. As he got older he went to Garner State Park and floated the Frio River every summer with friends. He later attended Texas State University, at the time called Southwest, which had a river called the Guadeloupe, he floated every weekend!

Since Chase was able to play sports he has been in almost every sport available to play where he lived. Starting with golf at age six. He later got into soccer and baseball in elementary. Then basketball, track and tennis all the way up to the high school level. Whether it is with friends or competitive game, Chase is ready for the challenge!  Sport is his recreational activity of choice.

Early last year, in late October 2014 he was blessed with a little baby girl! Now that she is a little older, his favorite recreational activity now days is walking her around the neighborhood. As well as playing with her on the ground or putting her in the air like superwoman! With work and his new addition to the family, The newly found father does not have much time for recreational sports. His love for sports though has lead him to buy into the SPORT CLIPS houston franchise, which is all about Sports! It is a perfect fit for him and his love for sports. His goal one day is to make it where he can have more time for recreational activities such as floating down the river. He wishes to take his daughter there quite often, so she can have the same type of memories as his childhood.

If you want to find out more about his work with Sport Clips and locations “Come visit the website and find a Sport Clips near me“. I’ll be glad to help says Chase.

Fitness For The Home

With the ever so crowed large multi-corporate gyms. Some people just like the simplicity of working out in their homes. The convenience of of working out whenever you want and not having to deal with the crowds is a huge plus in a hectic lifestyle. But this can be a daunting task though, especially if you live in a small home. Having large amounts of weights can be cumbersome and making your living situation unlivable at times.

This is why home fitness gurus should look into the old fashion Russian workout tool of the trade, the kettlebelll is piece of solid iron most or metal that allows you to achieve in results your looking for whether it be fat loss, or muscle gain. Just a for about 20-25 minutes a day 3 days a week you can see some drastic change in your overall body composition and strength improvements.

There are various resources on the web to learn and educate yourself about kettlebell strength training. If your in the DFW area. Check out some of their gyms for training, or search for them and I’m sure you’ll find all your dallas kettlebell training needs. Go ahead and give it a shot you won’t be disappointed.

Whether your wanting to burn extra calories in a kettlebell fat loss workout program or build some stamina and mass there is nothing like using a historical weapon of the old Russian Grievics as Pavel would say.

Nothing like burning fat and gaining strength with a fun and exciting simplistic style for strength and fat burning workout program.

Business Growth In Texas, Despite Low Oil Prices

The ever expanding rise of business’s in Texas has emerged over the last five years, growth in the tech industry in Austin, more oil and gas companies in the greater Houston Area. For the city of Dallas more growth with companies from across the nation moving their corporate locations to the area.

Heading into the end of the first quarter, Texas added more jobs in 2014 than any other state. With oil prices falling below seventy dollars a barrel. Economist expect Texas, the nations largest oil producer will see slow progress in the energy job sector for the year of 2015. Other industries including business’s services, transportation and utilities adding over 80 thousand jobs each.

Job growth in the Houston area expected to fall in the year of 2015 but will still finish on a positive note.

Although, with oil prices falling. Austin the central hub for the tech industry is seeing a dramatic increase in the housing market, this is due to more employable movers across the country moving the capital looking to buy houses as opposed to renting.

Dallas recently began expanding commercial and residential properties expansion throughout Downtown and as far as all the north up to Frisco.

Falling oil prices will worry savy investors but should not curtail the Texas economy for year of 2015.